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For advertisers
Published on 28-09-2020

In VIEW ADS we have created a Category with ADS MEMBERS especially for members who want to advertise their sites. You must select the next value:

$0.0010 Per click - 15 seconds (is the second option)

the other values ​​are not accepted!!! if not, they will be modified by admin.

I made this decision because many people put it in the BOT ADS category. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS CATEGORY !!! and in this category you earn money negatively

View ads important!!!
Published on 18-09-2020

Very important!!!

If you are human (not robot)

Do not click in this section (BOT ADS DO NOT CLICK IN THIS CATEGORY) from VIEW ADS because  you lose  this value (is - ) not +

This section is created for anti hacker. 

Thank you and welcome to AdMiWIN!

Start the Project
Published on 01-09-2020

Now the platform is live!

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